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Hammers and Keys

Peckham Pianos Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions are a legal contract between an individual user and Peckham Pianos regarding the use of our website and services.


We undertake to do the best job possible for our customers for a quoted price. That is our commitment to you. Of course, like many businesses there is some ‘small print’:


We operate a ‘fixed’ pricing scheme for a straight forward tuning. We rely on you to tell us what we are tuning – the price will be quoted to you based on that information.  If you have failed to tell us in advance of any problems, for example a piano which is not in fully working order, we reserve the right to ‘re-quote’ on arrival.  You can decline to use the service at that point, although a site visit charge will apply.  If we encounter a problem (this might be a broken string or hammer), we will advise you if there are any extra charges to be made.  If you decide you do not want the tuner to continue with the job, we reserve the right to make a charge to cover our costs, including a contribution towards work already undertaken.


  1. Piano tuning payment is due at the time of provision of the service, except where arranged in advance.

  2. You may pay by cash and card.

  3. Cheques are not accepted

  4. If we find a problem we will tell you. If we can resolve the problem but it is necessary to charge extra, we will tell you before the work is undertaken.

  5. If payment is late, we will send two reminders over a 14 day period. Following which we pass over the management of the due amount to a dedicated collection agency. At this point the overdue amount will attract a daily charge of 1% of the total amount owed, plus any charges levied by the collection agency..


We understand that our customers have busy lives too. If you have to change or cancel an appointment, please give as much notice as possible. We have allocated time in our day specifically for you and late notice cancellation may mean we cannot rebook.  We may have turned away other customers if we have a full day.  We reserve the right to charge a fee in the event that no-one is home when we attend the property, and/or we cannot gain access.  We also reserve the right to charge in the event of a last-minute cancellation, (less than a full 48 hours notice).

Charging If We Are Unable To Carry Out Tuning Upon Arrival

Should we turn up and be unable to carry out the tuning then we reserve the right to charge the full price of the intended booked tuning.  We are happy to advise on remedial action needed to enable a tuning to take place but as our time and diary space is very busy and precious we cannot attend properties and walk away due to lack of information or incorrect information provided when booking. We always try and be thorough with asking as much as possible, when the booking is made, but if you’re unsure please send us pictures before we confirm the appointment.

Broken Strings

It is quite common for strings to break during a tuning. The cost of replacing the string will be added to the tuning bill as follows:

Plain strings: £45

Wound (bass) strings: £60 + cost of the new string (usually £25). Bass strings need to be made to order and a return visit booked to fit the string, .

Breaking strings is not something that can be avoided however skilled the tuner is. If there is a high risk of breakages (such as pitch raises on pianos that have not been tuned for many years, or where there are rusty strings), the tuner will normally mention this risk at the beginning.

Recommendations and Complaints

We are a local, professional piano tuning business and we rely on customers coming back to us year after year. If you like what we do, please tell everyone! In the unlikely event that we have disappointed you in any way, please tell us as soon as possible and we will endeavour to address your complaint within 24 hours.


The policy: This Data protection privacy policy notice covers all business practices undertaken by:

Peckham Pianos

28 Ringmore Rise


SE23 3DE

It also relates to the website;

It governs the privacy of those who use the website and customers of Peckham Pianos. The purpose of this policy is to explain to you how we control, process, handle and protect your personal information, including your rights under current laws and regulations. If you do not agree to the following policy you may wish to cease viewing / using the website, or request that we stop processing your information.

Policy key definitions:

  • “I”, “our”, “us”, or “we” refer to the business, Peckham Pianos.

  • “Customer” Any person requesting services from Peckham Pianos.

  • “you”, “the user” refer to the person(s) using the website

  • GDPR means General Data Protection Act.

  • ICO means Information Commissioner’s Office.


We are exempt from registration in the ICO Data Protection Register as we only process data for the core business purposes.

All data is controlled and processed by Tim Siddall

Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we control and / or process any personal information about you using the following lawful bases.

  • Lawful basis: Contract
    The reason we use this basis: To allow us to deliver our services to our customers through mail, email or verbal communication, e.g. by providing a quotation for services.
    We process your information in the following ways:  On initial meeting, via telephone enquiry or through our website contact page we collect the following information:

  • First name & Surname

  • Company name (If applicable)

  • Full postal address

  • Contact telephone number

  • Email address

This data allows us to provide you with: quotations, invoices, statements and certification of completed work.
Data retention period: We shall continue to process your information until the contract between us ends or is terminated under any contract terms. After this period your information will be securely destroyed or deleted.


Under the GDPR your rights are as follows. You can read more about your rights in detail at

  • the right to be informed;

  • the right of access;

  • the right to rectification;

  • the right to erasure;

  • the right to restrict processing;

  • the right to data portability;

  • the right to object; and

  • the right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling.

You also have the right to complain to the ICO if you feel there is a problem with the way we are handling your data.

We handle subject access requests in accordance with the GDPR.  If you wish to exercise any of your rights under the GDPR then please contact us in writing addressed to: Peckham Pianos, 28 Ringmore Rise, London, SE233DE

Terms of Use: Terms of Use
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